Speed Dating Services in Your Town: Call Me Maybe?

Put yourself out there with help from these speed-dating services (long) list! You may save it for later use, or share it to your network to leave a footprint 😉 With these speed dating services, maybe you can find your ideal speed dating partner in your town/state now like San Diego, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Houston, Atlanta, or in another state/country. Even (or especially) in Hong Kong and for you, professionals!

214 Dating

214 Dating hosts a diverse range of events for single professionals of different age groups. The speed-dating nights match pairs for six minutes before asking everyone to change tables. At the end of the night, people can express interest in others, allowing contact details to be exchanged if the attraction is mutual.

Coffee Matching

Offering several types of dating events, Coffee Matching is for those caffeine-loving singletons who are keen to meet new people. The company also runs dinner meet-ups for professionals who prefer evening dates, as well as a speed-dating service where you have seven minutes to impress each participant. After time is up, each date gets to vote yes or no. If both members vote a mutual yes, their contact details are exchanged. Most events will be held in indoor restaurants, wine bars, and private clubs.


Gokon is a popular dating service originally from Japan. It mixes up the traditional speed-dating program, in the sense that instead of meeting someone completely random and new, you will meet someone through a mutual friend. Here’s how it works: two team leaders of opposing genders will have to invite a couple of their own friends of the same gender, and then on a specified date, all of them will show up to a predetermined venue.

Love Moment Speeddating

Founded by a team of event planners, stylists and psychiatrists, Love Moment Speeddating focuses on helping clients meet potential partners. The usual speeddating night begins with a casual dinner and tarot reading session. Each person will then briefly meet 15-20 candidates for four minutes—just enough to leave a first impression. You could also stay behing for some mingling during the afterparty. Should you find a lasting match with Love Moment, you can take advantage of the company’s wedding planning and marriage consultancy services down the road.

Rachel and Smith Matchmakers

Originally called HK Speed Date, Rachael and Smith Matchmakers has been organizing speed-dating events for busy Hong Kong professionals since 2004. The company’s themed events specifically target different niches so that clients can meet like-minded people. In most cases, 15 gents and 15 ladies will have four minutes to get to know each other before switching tables. If any pair indicate shared interest at the end of the evening, they will pass on both parties’ contact details. The agency also provides services such as networking, makeovers, personal matching, and date coaching.

Speed Dating Fever

Dedicated to the motto Meet the One Here, Speed Dating Fever regularly organizes a good range of dating events, from high teas to game nights. Clients can choose smaller, more intimate events with only 16 people, or, if you are into something bigger, opt for speed-dating parties that caters for around a hundred people. The company also offers dating advice, one-on-one matching and other themed gatherings throughout the year.

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