Red Velvet: REDMARE Area Tour in Japan

190331 WOWOW Live Broadcast version
No English sub atm, why donchu help me add one?


Stream HD


(still too lazy to add VCRs and MENTs lmao)

03:45 Intro
04:25 Russian Roulette (Japanese Ver.)
08:00 Power Up
11:43 #Cookie Jar
20:05 My Second Date Remix
22:19 Mosquito
29:30 Mr.E
33:40 Zoo
37:15 Happines
45:00 Sappy
53:40 Blue Lemonade
56:55 Aitai-tai
1:00:15 Peek-a-Boo
1:03:30 Rookie
1:10:17 With You
1:13:50 Red Flavor (Japanese Ver.)

Download links

By far, I think this is smallest file size out there (under 1GB and still mHD/720p). The raws I found are either + 13GB or 5.5GB lol but there you go in case you need it.

RAW links

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  1. Johnny007 says:

    Can u please post the links to the raw ones?

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