Red Velvet: REDMARE Area Tour in Japan

190331 WOWOW Live Broadcast version
No English sub atm, why donchu help me add one?



(still too lazy to add VCRs and MENTs lmao)

03:45 Intro
04:25 Russian Roulette (Japanese Ver.)
08:00 Power Up
11:43 #Cookie Jar
20:05 My Second Date Remix
22:19 Mosquito
29:30 Mr.E
33:40 Zoo
37:15 Happines
45:00 Sappy
53:40 Blue Lemonade
56:55 Aitai-tai
1:00:15 Peek-a-Boo
1:03:30 Rookie
1:10:17 With You
1:13:50 Red Flavor (Japanese Ver.)

Download link (mp4)

By far, I think this is smallest file size out there (under 1GB and still mHD/720p). The raws I found are either + 13GB or 5.5GB lol

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