Red Velvet: Red Room in Japan

180722 Red Velvet ‘Red Room: 1st Concert in Japan’ TV Broadcast – HD Link Download Full (180328-180329)

Which version is this? For those who are confused:

This is not Red Room: Hall Tour in Japan, but Red Room: 1st Concert in Japan. Afaik, Hall Tour are out there at YouTube, just search for it.

They performed Dumb Dumb and Red Flavor (both are Japanese version), but there isn’t any #Cookie Jar and Cause It’s You (the latter are performed in Redmare in Japan and Red Room Hall Tour in Japan [05/28-06/08]).

Hope this cleared out the confusion.

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Advertisement displayed at video are not from us, they are from the video hosting provider. For now, the only source we got are from WOWOW and manually screen recorded it. If you got better version please inform us.

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  1. yuuta says:

    the download link isnt working hope you update it thx.

  2. Jim says:

    Link is down dad

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