Red Velvet: Red Room Concert (Seoul)

The legendary record-breaking concert. THAT concert that sold the tickets out in seconds.

Red Room is Red Velvet’s first solo concert which was held in Seoul. The concert began on August 18, 2017 and lasted 3 days.

Full Concert


04:50 Red Dress
06:53 Happily Ever After
10:33 Rookie
13:43 Huff n Puff
16:47 VCR
21:10 Lady’s Room
24:03 Talk to Me
26:51 Don’t U Wait No More
29:42 Oh Boy
32:26 Dumb Dumb
36:20 Ment
38:42 Shark family lol
40:16 Ment
42:16 Hear the Sea
45:35 Campfire
48:51 Zoo
52:22 Ment
55:04 Little Little
59:23 Last Love (Wendy solo)
1:04:40 Be Natural
1:09:11 Cool Hot Sweet Love
1:10:46 Automatic
1:14:22 Talk
1:19:59 One of these Nights
1:24:16 VCR
1:28:08 Ice Cream Cake
1:31:29 Russian Roulette
1:35:30 You Better Know
1:40:00 (lil bit of ment, then) Red Flavor

1:44:22 VCR
1:45:37 Cool World
1:49:47 Happiness
1:53:31 Talk
2:15:02 Candy
2:19:25 ending 🙁
2:25:03 behind the scenes and credits

Making Film

I have the RAWs too, but for now enjoy those above first. Will be updated will RAW link if there’s any request.


Updated for links. Below link are for better audio and video quality. Big size tho. Around 6GB but it’s always worth it, right? 😛

180713 RED VELVET 레드벨벳 Red Room Download (Concert+Making Film+English Subtitles)

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