Just trying WhatsApp web

WHERE HAVE I BEEN – But still, I want to give my personal thoughts about WhatsApp web 😛

WhatsApp still be my first choice in instant messaging/chat mobile app. It supports wide range of operating system (yay! Win Phone too!) and very lightweight in almost every device I think.

The biggest rival is LINE. They win for their wide range of feature (stickers, timeline, coins shop, etc) but its Desktop app is much slower than WhatsApp web. Its mobile app too, it runs slower in Win Phone but maybe not any problem with Android or iOS.

Although it charges you $0.99 per year, but come on! How come you can’t afford that price for a year? Or maybe if you are still so much nulled-mental, you can search for an unlimited patch of WhatsApp. The point is, WhatsApp (web) is so:

  1. Lightweight
  2. So damn fast (even my internet speed is like a snail running)
  3. Easy user experience
  4. Straight to the point
  5. … I think emoji support is just enough for express our emotions.

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