Free Download Scare PewDiePie (720p/1080p) (UPDATED LINKS)


Watch me, PewDiePie, get put in real life games that take horror games to the next level. Will I make it out alive? I don’t know. But don’t you worry. I’m doing this for you, Bros! RIP headphone users.

From the creator of The Walking Dead and Maker Studios.

10 episodes coming this season. New episode launching every Wednesday.

Watch Here Without Buying YouTube Red.. or if YouTube Red still not available in your country yet

Scare PewDiePie is a reality web series created for YouTube’s subscription service, YouTube Red and starring Felix Kjellberg, better known by his online alias “PewDiePie”. It features PewDiePie, exploring sets whose designs are based on the horror video games which PewDiePie plays and commentates over on his YouTube channel.

Scare PewDiePie (720p/1080p) (UPDATED LINKS) DOWNLOAD

  1. Scare PewDiePie (s01e01) LEVEL ONE | LET’S PLAY DOCTOR – YouTube Red (720p / 720p 2 / 1080p / Eng sub)
  2. Scare PewDiePie (s01e02) LEVEL TWO | WE’RE NOT ALONE – YouTube Red [720pHD] [MP4]
  3. Scare PewDiePie (s01e03) LEVEL THREE | HELLO TIMMY – YouTube Red (720pHD) [MP4]
  4. Scare PewDiePie (s01e04) LEVEL FOUR | TIME TO DIE MR. PIE – YouTube Red (720pHD) [MP4]
  5. Scare PewDiePie (s01e05) LEVEL FIVE | PLEASE ENJOY YOUR STAY – YouTube Red (720pHD) [MP4]
  6. Scare PewDiePie (s01e06) LEVEL SIX | THE ULTIMATE HANG – YouTube Red (720pHD) [MP4]
  7. Scare PewDiePie (s01e07) LEVEL SEVEN | I’M NOT CRAZY (OUTLAST IRL GAMEPLAY) – YouTube Red (720p / Eng sub)
  8. Scare PewDiePie (s01e08) LEVEL EIGHT | CALL OF PEWDIE – YouTube Red (720pHD) mp4 [Kyle]
  9. Scare PewDiePie (s01e09) LEVEL NINE | NAUGHTY PIE – YouTube Red (720pHD) mp4-[Zeus]
  10. Scare PewDiePie (s01e10) LEVEL TEN | GAME OVER – YouTube Red (720pHD) mp4-[Zeus]

Solidfiles download links.. you can watch Scare Pewdiepie in their server too.. just click link below

  1. Scare PewDiePie (s01e01)
  2. Scare PewDiePie (s01e02)
  3. Scare PewDiePie (s01e03)
  4. Scare PewDiePie (s01e04)
  5. Scare PewDiePie (s01e05)
  6. Scare PewDiePie (s01e06)
  7. Scare PewDiePie (s01e07)
  8. Scare PewDiePie (s01e08)
  9. Scare PewDiePie (s01e09)
  10. Scare PewDiePie (s01e010)

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