How to download {insert file name here} ?

It’s easy TBH.

  1. Click the download link / download button in every post you wish
  2. Click download button (the button in each file hosting site is different)
  3. You are done.

I’m afraid if there’s some virus/malware/etc in any file that I want to download. Can I trust this site?

YES, you can trust us. We have no intention to scam you by giving false/misleading/harm links or files.

However, we do serve advertisements too, to help us pay servers and file hostings. Please bear with it 😀

Sometimes I see that you provide more than 1 download links or mirrors. Which one file hosting should I choose?

It depends on your preferences (and Internet connection 😛 ). Actually, any file hosting we provide here is quite legit for you to be your downloading partner 😀

I can’t download, please help!

Report those goddamn broken links. Here.

I want you to upload {insert content’s name here} so then I can download it.

That belongs to Request section.

I have some files/contents that I want to share too. Can I put it on your site?

Yes, you can. Send us the links/contents and the credit you want it to be. If you want to monetize the links, give us the monetized links. It’s allowed. As long as it’s not porn.