Fallout 4 Original Game & Radio Soundtrack

Fallout 4 Original Game & Radio Soundtrack


Keep playing the game and the music!

Fallout 4 OST (Original Game Soundtrack) in MP3 Format

Track list:

  1. Fallout 4 Main Theme
  2. The Commonwealth
  3. Of Green and Grey
  4. Portal to the Past
  5. Standoff
  6. Combat Ready
  7. Deeper and Darker
  8. Wandering – The Blasted Forest, P
  9. Brightness Calling
  10. Of the People, for the People
  11. Hope Remains
  12. Wandering – The Blasted Forest, P
  13. Predator and Prey
  14. War in the Wastes
  15. Time to Die
  16. Uninvited
  17. Wandering – The City, Pt. 1
  18. Rebuild, Renew
  19. Concrete Mysteries
  20. Tread Carefully
  21. The Infiltrator
  22. No Quarter
  23. Wandering – The City, Pt. 2
  24. The Vigilant
  25. The Warlord
  26. Red Brick, Broken
  27. Lonely Walls
  28. Wandering – The City, Pt. 3
  29. Regrouped, Reloaded
  30. V.A.T.S. or Die
  31. Wandering – The Foothills, Pt. 1
  32. Darkness Falls
  33. War of Wills
  34. Wandering – The Foothills, Pt. 2
  35. Only One Survives
  36. A Critical Chance
  37. Dust & Danger
  38. Liberty Lives
  39. Lost Boston
  40. Wandering – The Foothills, Pt. 3
  41. Honor & Steel
  42. We Are Unstoppable
  43. Dominant Species
  44. Explore and Discover
  45. Wandering – The Glowing Sea, Pt.
  46. The Stars My Solace
  47. Imagine Utopia
  48. Lone Wandering
  49. Wandering – The Glowing Sea, Pt.
  50. The Last Mariner
  51. Echoes of the Dead
  52. Enough is Enough
  53. Wandering – The Coast, Pt. 1
  54. Humanity’s Hope
  55. Endless Ocean, Endless Dreams
  56. No Voices, No Cries
  57. Wandering – The Coast, Pt. 2
  58. Covert Action
  59. Rise and Prevail
  60. No More Sails
  61. Wandering – The Coast, Pt. 3
  62. In This Together
  63. Still Standing
  64. Science & Secrecy
  65. Fallout 4 Main Theme (‘Spinner’ M)

Fallout 4 Diamond City Radio Soundtrack list

A Wonderful Guy by Tex Beneke
Accentuate the Positive by Bing Crosby
Anything Goes by Cole Porter
Atom Bomb Baby by The Five Stars
Butcher Pete (Part 1) by Roy Brown
Butcher Pete (Part 2) by Roy Brown
Civilization by Danny Kaye and The Andrews Sisters
Crawl Out Through The Fallout by Sheldon Allman
Crazy He Calls Me by Billie Holiday
Dear Hearts and Gentle People by Bob Crosby
Easy Living by Billie Holiday
Good Rocking Tonight by Roy Brown
Grandma Plays the Numbers by Wynonie Harris
Happy Times by Bob Crosby and The Bobcats
He’s a Demon, He’s a Devil, He’s a Doll by Betty Hutton
I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire by The Ink Spots
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall by Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots
It’s A Man by Betty Hutton
It’s All Over But the Crying by The Ink Spots
Keep A Knockin by Louis Jordan
Maybe by The Ink Spots
Mighty, Mighty Man by Roy Brown
One More Tomorrow by Frankie Carle
Orange Colored Sky by Nat King Cole
Personality by Johnny Mercer
Pistol Packin’ Mama by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters
Right Behind You Baby by Ray Smith
Rocket 69 by Connee Allen
Sixty Minute Man by Billy Ward And The Dominoes
The End of the World by Skeeter Davis
The Wanderer by Dion and The Belmonts
Undecided by Ella Fitzgerald
Uranium Fever by Elton Britt
Uranium Rock by Warren Smith
Way Back Home by Bob Crosby and The Bobcats
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On by Big Maybelle
Worry Worry Worry by The Three Suns

Magnolia’s Songs (by Lynda Carter)
Visiting Magnolia in Good neighbor will add her songs to the radio tracklist.
Baby It’s Just You
Good Neighbor
I’m the One You’re Looking For
Man Enough
Train Train

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