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They called you back and the date is on! But wait, the date is on tonight and you’ve got nothing to wear. Luckily the lovely sales associates at Atlanta’s best boutiques are familiar with such emergencies. Whether it’s a simple lunch date or a high-end dinner, these dynamos have got the passion for fashion and are ready to help us find the latest looks for love.

Brandi Barnes Shelton, co-owner of Edgewood boutique Thee Beehive, Ben Boykin from the Virginia-Highland location of Bill Hallman and David Boswell, manager at Boy Next Door weigh in!

If you’re a lad on a lunch date, Shelton says pair a V-neck t-shirt or basic oxford with flat-front khakis. Accessory tip? Don’t be afraid to experiment with a fedora.

Boykin’s bet is Bill Hallman slacks in a skinny trouser or a golf cut. They’re versatile (enough) and can work in both day in nighttime. Pair those with a breathable button-up in cotton or linen and you’re on your way. If you’re jonesin’ for jeans, watch the cut. Flare-leg jeans are plaguing the gay community, Boykin says.

Boy Next Door’s Boswell says you can get away with shorts on a lunch date but just stick with something fun like a plaid pair of Ben Shermans with a solid shirt. That’s a 60 or 70 dollar look for a nice lunch date if you’re going down the street to Hobnob or sitting outside at Cowtippers.

Going high-end for your dinner date? Boykin says slide a light blazer over a light button-up, then add a slim slack and a loafer. Boswell’s call is a short-sleeve, light cotton Ben Sherman knit (they’re nice and dressy without being too dressy) with white denim jeans from Division E.

What about the woman with nothing to wear? Shelton’s picks for lunch are kneeshorts with a tank top and a pair of espadrilles. It’s a nice summer shoe and it always makes your legs look nice.

For dinner, Boykin says go navy in a solid simple dress and accessorize with a crazy handbag. Shelton says the right to bare arms at a nice restaurant is limited, so wear a pashmina or a little shrug with that delish dress.


But no matter the details of the date, from casual to formal, color is key. The hot women’s colors maybe magenta, yellow, blue and especially teal says Boykin. As for the boys, Boswell’s banking on orange, purple, and sky blue.

Go forth with confidence now that your looks are lined up for the most delectable of dates!

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