Crush It! by Tony Horton (PDF Download)

Over the past 25 years, Tony Horton has helped millions of people–from stay-at-home moms to military personnel to A-list celebrities–transform their bodies and their lives with innovative workouts and cutting-edge advice. Now, in his first enhanced e-book, Horton shows readers how to burn fat and build muscle with his ultra-extreme Warrior’s Workout.
Based on one of the toughest workouts in his book Bring It!, Horton created Crush It!, a fast-paced explanation of the Warrior’s Workout. The e-book includes 26 videos of Tony demonstrating how to perform the moves and motivating viewers, as well as rich step-by-step photographs of the exercises.


Crush It!: Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Shred Inches with the Ultra-Extreme Warrior’s Workout! by Tony Horton
English | 2012| Exercises| 3 MB | 180 pages


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