Cash Cash – Blood, Sweat & 3 Years (Album Tracklist + ITUNES Pre Order) Download



Cash Cash – Blood, Sweat & 3 Years (Album Tracklist + ITUNES Pre Order)

Cash Cash - Blood, Sweat & 3 Years
Blood, Sweat & 3 Years is the new fourth studio album by American electronic dance music group Cash Cash, formed by brothers Jean Paul Makhlouf and Alex Makhlouf, along with Samuel Frisch Which is Expected to release via itunes by June 24th 2016 Digitally. It’s youthful and enchanting, somehow energetic and soothing all at the same time, proving once more the multi instrumentalist producers have more than a few tricks up their sleeves.

Collaborative tracks featuring Nelly, Trinidad James, Christina Perri, and more. Fitting with the band’s reputation, fans can expect a myriad of sonic flavor sure to run the gamut of style and influence. It doesn’t always have to be “blood, sweat & tears.” Sometimes replacing tears with years is all that’s needed to make it happen…well it was enough to finish this album. Full length albums can define chapters of people’s lives. Listening to a record can take you back to a certain era or period of your life in a split second. They just have that special power…Completing them is never easy but hey “what comes easy wont last, what lasts won’t come easy.”

The group has produced several tracks that have gone on to become platinum records, headlined some of the world’s biggest festivals, and gained mainstream radio recognition with their upbeat, pop-infused sound

Comprised of 16 tracks, this album has been in the making for the last three years. Hoping to define what this era has meant for them, we are expecting Blood, Sweat & 3 Years to be filled with gems.

Release Date : June 24th, 2016

How to Love (feat. Sofia Reyes)
Broken Drum (feat. Fitz)
Millionaire (Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals) [feat. Nelly]
Hero (feat. Christina Perri)
Devil (feat. Busta Rhymes, B.o.B & Neon Hitch)
Aftershock (feat. Jacquie Lee)
The Gun (feat. Trinidad James, Dev & Chrish)
Turn (feat. Little Daylight)
Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik)
Arrows in the Dark (feat. Anjulie)
We Will Live (feat. Night Terrors of 1927)
Bada Boom
Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha)
Sweat (feat. Jenna Andrews)

Blood, Sweat & 3 Years Full Album ZIP – Download Links

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