9CHAT as A Reliable Dating App?

So yeah, after that long battle in choosing a new Android smartphone, I chose Sony Xperia Z1S as my new belonging. Its review about Xperia Z1s? Yea, will post it later.

One of my main reason to buy Android is because of 9CHAT. I am a fellow fan of 9GAG from years ago and wants to try 9CHAT really bad. For single geek like me, 9CHAT is so good -but has its own good.

Sorry for the drunken English, my health condition right now is not so good it affects my thinking

9CHAT is definitely a geek’s hut

Not only a geek, but primarily it is. You can join in many groups contain many things like How I Met Your Mother fans or even Doctor Who. This will also increase your probability if you are seeking a person that have same geeky interest as you.

9CHAT has real females too…

At least there’s me :p but this one below is not me obviously.


You can be anonymous

But it doesn’t help you to get a new friend, or even boy/girlfriend. Be brave.

Random and less judgmental

IMO. I think Tinder is too judgmental (swiping based on looks… .__.)

Flirt and sexting everywhere

Sometimes you can see many of attention whores there

(especially females)

Discover yourself there

Personally I use 9chat to make new friends and interests. But deep inside I wish I get a new boyfriend…

Fun way to date

But don’t expect too much if someone will reply your chat.

But, sometimes people in 9chat takes thing too seriously.

Like bullying and some bs theories and stereotypes that gone too far. I wonder why. Is it because they always having fun at 9gag so at 9chat it’s their time to act serious?

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