3 Must-Read Reasons to Use Building Card to Win Clash Royale Battle

As a collectible card game, there are a lot of cards that must be collected to make the best Deck Battle formations. By having more and more cards, then you will be free to make the Battle Deck balance between the strongest survive and attack formations.

One of the key so that you can win the battle Clash Royale is to have at least one card waking up in Battle Deck. Why does it matter building card in Clash Royale?

3 Reasons Why You Must Use Building Cards


As the name implies, the card is a type of building which will issue the card buildings in Arena when summoned. Some card existing buildings in Clash Royale is Goblin Hut, Bomb Tower, Tombstone, Inferno Tower, Barbarian Hut, Tesla, Canon, the X-Bow, Mortar, and Elixir Collector. Where is your favorite? Well, one of these buildings is a mandatory card in your deck!

1. Fit to Survive

As Jaka expressed in the article Importance Draw in Clash Royale, so get your opponent battle that turned out to be a strong and smart attack, should you survive. It is better that you can get the battle a draw than lose.


Well, the card will make your building survive easily. With its ability to impact the Arena, some cards are suitable for use as the last card is the Bomb Tower and Tower Inferno. You do not have to worry if the enemy attacks with a Barbarian or spawner (Goblins, Spare Goblin, and the Skeleton Army) because the bombs thrown by Bomb Tower will destroy them quickly. While Inferno Tower with a broad range of attacks that will make you survive attacks from the air and ground.

2. As a diversion

If you have not had time to summon the building cards for formation persist, then get up summon cards to distract the opponent soldiers. Some cards are attacking the building, such as Giant, Prince, Hog Rider, and Pekka easily distracted if no building was summoned.


Building card that is perfect for you to use as a distraction is Tombstone and Bomb Tower. While opponents focus demolishing the building, you have a chance to steal an opponent hitpoint with the help Archer in Tower Arena.

3. Can Striking Distance


Direct attacks on the Arena opponent can only be made by Spell cards, such as Goblin Barrel, Arrow, Fireball, Rocket, Lightning, Poison, or Zap. But there are card tables buildings can be attacked remotely, the X-Bow and Mortar. If placed across Tower Arena opponent, the second attack cards Tower building would destroy them remotely.

What are you the type of attacker who uses X-Bow building card or Mortar? If so, it could be you are a player Clash Royale that does not have the skill.

So, still in doubt about using the card in the deck building? Do not hesitate to go again! Below is one building decks using cards as our favorite.


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